Ways To Save

Mass Save Program


The Mass Save program offers an automatic rebate of 75% of the installed cost up to $2,000 and air sealing at no cost. ENERGY STAR® estimates that you can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs by insulating your home. Insulation can be added to the walls, basement, attic, attic stairs, crawl space and rim joist of your home.

Your assessor may recommend air sealing measures. If approved by Mass Save, air sealing will be included in your insulation work order. Air sealing will increase the comfort of your home by decreasing cold drafts and noise and will help increase indoor air quality by sealing out dust and airborne pollutants.

The first step is to schedule a no cost pre evaluation energy assessment. A qualified Insul-Kings representative will complete an evaluation of your home or multifamily building (up to four units), detailing recommendations for improving your energy usage that will save you money. Please contact us to schedule your no cost in-home energy assessment today!


Remember, you must complete an in-home energy assessment before you can take advantage of the Mass Save rebate program.