Crawlspaces & Basements

Crawlspace vapor barriers can prevent water vapor from causing poor insulation performance, structural damage and other moisture related problems. The main reason for retarding the transmission of water vapor through the building envelope is to prevent water vapor from condensing within the building structure cavities. A properly sealed, moisture-protected, and insulated crawlspace will increase comfort, save on energy costs, improve the durability of the home, and reduce entry of moisture, radon, and other potential irritants or pollutants into the home. Whichever design is followed, the keys to an effective crawlspace are: Moisture control – using a water-managed foundation system to drain rainwater and groundwater away from foundations. Airtight construction – sealing all air leaks between the conditioned space and the outside prior to insulation installation. Complete insulation coverage – properly installing the correct insulation levels and making sure the insulation coverage is continuous and complete.

Vapor Barrier System

The Griffolyn® crawl space vapor barrier system is made up of several grades of high performance polyethylene material. This crawl space vapor barrier can be manufactured in sizes to meet specific project requirements to greatly reduce the number of in-field seams and the costs associated with the time and labor required to cut the product to size in the field.

More Info on Crawlspace Vapor Barriers: